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Great tips, tricks and advice on locks and keys! You will truly appreciate them for their honesty and simplicity. They offer straight forward ideas on how to avoid lockouts and similar problems and will also tell you which things to avoid in order for you to keep burglars out of your properties

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The problem with sticky locks solved

Regular wear and tear and the build-up of dirt and grime can result to sticky door locks that just can’t be opened easily. If you experience difficulty when you slide your key in and out of the keyhole or when you turn the lock, your lock needs lubrication. A graphite powder is recommended since this does not attract dirt that can build up.

Adjusting door pivots

When you experience difficulty turning your key when your door is closed but not when it's open, our experts say your latch or strike may be misaligned. If your door has pivots, open your door and push it in and up. If you observe movement that corrects the misalignment, adjust your door’s pivots.

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